Announcement to the Applied Science Students regarding a forthcoming IC in Graphene, Lisbon, Portugal

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Intensive Course in “Graphene Technologies & nanoelectronics”

Dear Students of the School of Applied Sciences,
We would like to invite you to declare your interest in participating in the Intensive Course (IC) entitled “Graphene Technologies and nano-electronics” that will take place in Lisbon from the 9th of October until the 13th of October 2017. The host University will be the New University of Lisbon. The IC is taking place on the frame of the ELBYSIER project, coordinated by Prof. Kaliakatsos and Dr Petridis.  Please contact through email with Dr Petridis ( to express your interest. A letter of motivation should be attached that states the reasons you would like to participate. Final year and MSc students will have a priority. Deadline: Wednesday the 13th of September.
For the selected students (max. five) the project will cover the following expenses:
Maximum Number of Participants: 05
Travel Costs per participant: 360 Euros
Subsistence Costs per participant: 55 euros per night
The organizers will secure the students accommodation and according to the provided funding. All the expenses will be covered after the end of the IC and if all the required documents (flight fair invoices, boarding passes, hotel invoices) will be submitted to Mrs Tsitou.